:Glover Garden
waking 7 minitus homepage-click

:Oura Catholic Church
waking 7 minitus guidepage-click

:Confucian Shrine/Historical Museum of China
waking 5 minitus guidepage-click

:Shinchi Chinatown
waking 1 minitu guidepage-click

:Megane-bashi(Spectacles Bridge)
waking 7 minitus guidepage-click

—you can explore it so easy.

:Peace Park
You take a you take streetcar(Tram) at “Tsuki-Machi”.
you take off “Matsuyama-machi”.after you can get it 3 minutus waking. Homepage-click

Close to Area
:Urakami cathedral waking 5 minutus guidepage-click
:Atomic Bob Museum waking 5 minutus Homepage-click

:Nagasaki night view spot “Mt.Inasa”
You go to “Hamanomavhi”bus stop waking 5 minutes.
Take a bus number 5. you get off final station.
after you take a free Shuttle Bus.
※Approximately 30 minutes